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A method for producing conductive ink.

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Summary: The present invention relates to a method for producing conductive inks, comprising 5 the steps of; preparing an initial solution containing a radical photoinitiator, silver nitrate, acrylamide, and polyvinyl alcohol (i), converting said initial solution into nanocomposite polymer material containing nano-sized silver particles by ultraviolet light (ii), precipitating said nanocomposite material and obtaining the conductive ink with the desired viscosity by adding alcohol thereon (iii), all of which are carried out at 0 room temperature.


Inventors: Nergis ARSU, Ebru TURGUT, Melisa KONAR, Ezgi Nur BALCI, Nergis GÜLER, Elif ÖZÇELİK KAZANCIOGLU, H. Miraç DİZMAN



Turkey (Date/Number: 24.04.2023 / 2021 011554)



PCT (Date/Number: 08.07.2022 / PCT/TR2022/050730)

Photochemical synthesis of low particle size monodisperse gold nanoparticles, loading with cancer drug, and determination of cytotoxic activity of the same.

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Summary:With the present invention, a compound [OH-TX-S-]2, gold nanoparticles (AuNps) coated with a coating layer containing same, AuNPs synthesized with a PdI of 0.45±0.01 and a core diameter of 30±1 nm, and the versions thereof coated with a DOXO-containing coating layer are provided as drug carrier nanoparticles. The cytotoxic effect of DOXO loaded AuNPs on cancer cells, determined by MTT method, is included in the present invention.


Inventors: Nergis ARSU, H. Miraç DİZMAN, Dürdane Serap KURUCA, Güneş ÖZEN EROĞLU





European Patent Office (Date/Number: 31.12.2020/20862005)

Turkey (Date/Number: 14.09.2020 / 2020 14545 )

POSS-TX nano-photo-initiator synthesis and in-situ photochemical Ag nano-particle synthesis with the help of POSS-TX and wrinkled surface formation

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Summary: The present invention particularly relates to synthesizing photo-initiators having poly-oligo-silsesquioxane (POSS) structure and realizing photo-polymerization by using these photo-initiators and simultaneous and in-situ synthesis of Ag nano-particles in polymer matrix comprising POSS structure and obtaining wrinkled surfaces as a result of self-arranging thereof.


Inventors: Nergis ARSU, Gönül S. BATIBAY, Nüket ÖCAL, Ömer Tahir GÜNKARA



USA (Date/Number: 28.02.2023 /11591418)

Germany (Date/Number: 13.10.2022 / DE 11 2018 006 657)

Turkey (Date/Number: 21.04.2021 /2018 20442)

Photo-Vulcanization of Latex Together with Photoinitiator

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Summary: The present invention relates to a photovulcanization application method together with 2nd type photo-initiator with single component which shows both initiator and thiol-en cross- binding characteristics for latex used in the production of said products, in order to prevent allergic reactions which occur in the users of products, made of natural rubber (NR) latex material, like catheters, bandages or surgery control gloves.


Inventors: Nergis ARSU, Yusuf YAĞCI, Gönül S. BATIBAY, Tuğçe ÇİNKO, Melike AKIN



Malaysia (Date/Number: 03.02.2023 / MY-195633-A)
Rebuplic of Korea (Date/Number: 02.12.2022 / 102474200)
Japan (Date/Number:  16.11.2022 / 7178120)
Turkey (Date/Number: 21.09.2020 / 2018 20438)

Photo-chemical synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles self-arranged on ct-DNA and BSA

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Summary: The present invention relates to examination of characteristics of silver nano-clusters self-arranged by means of reduction of silver salt to silver nanoparticles by means of 2-mercapto-thioxanthone on DNA and BSA in short photo-illumination duration of 1 second.


Inventors: Nergis ARSU, Eyüp METİN, Gönül S. BATIBAY, Nur Sena ÖKTEN



Turkey (Date/Number: 23.10.2023 / 2018 20232) – Additional Patent

Turkey (Date/Number: 23.10.2023 / 2017 22282)

USA (Date/Number: 31.01.2023 / 11565320)

Japan (Date/Number: 19.12.2022 / 7197592)

Preparation method of nanocomposite films comprising gold nanopoarticle via photopolymerization technique

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Summary: It is related to a metal/polymer nanocomposite film comprising gold nanoparticle which has gold mirror feature, comprises acrylic based oligomer, acrylic based monomer, 2-mercapto thioxanthone which is an one-component type II. radicalic photoinitiator and chloroauric acid.


Inventors: Nergis ARSU, Tolga ÇEPER


(Date/Number: 07.01.2020 / 10526240)
Turkey (Date/Number: 21.09.2018 / 2015 17742)


(Date/Number: 27.09.2018 / 112016006130)